Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Drag On for Months

Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Drag On for Months

Sever ties quickly with help from a divorce lawyer
in El Paso, TX

An uncontested divorce makes allocating your assets a smoother process, but it doesn't make it any easier on your family. A divorce lawyer from The Law Office of Marlene Gonzalez, PLLC in El Paso, Texas can help you divide everything peacefully.

To get paid in full, it will take approximately 60 days from the day you file for your divorce with attorney Marlene Gonzalez to the day you're officially divorced.

Keep the peace in your family by working with the Law Office of Marlene Gonzalez. Call now to make an appointment.

Why hire a lawyer for your divorce?

Even if you're going through an uncontested divorce, you shouldn't tackle your case alone. Here are a few reasons to hire a divorce lawyer for your case:

  • Knowledge-with years of practice under her belt, attorney Marlene Gonzalez can resolve a variety of family law issues.
  • Unbiased voice-having an impartial opinion in the room can be beneficial when splitting assets.
  • Professionalism-filing for your divorce will be a primary focus for attorney Gonzalez.

File for divorce with an experienced attorney by your side. Schedule your appointment with attorney Marlene Gonzalez in El Paso, Texas today by calling