Find a Legal Path to United States Citizenship

Find a Legal Path to United States Citizenship

Start the process with an immigration lawyer in El Paso, TX

Becoming a United States citizen comes with a lot of legal nuances. The Law Office of Marlene Gonzalez, PLLC handles immigration cases to help people find a path to citizenship. Attorney Marlene Gonzalez will serve as your immigration lawyer and work with you to build a solid case for citizenship in El Paso, Texas.

Whether you're seeking citizenship or working to prevent your DACA status, you can benefit from speaking to an immigration lawyer. Make an appointment with attorney Gonzalez today to get started on your citizenship journey.

Immigration law covers several types of cases

As an immigration lawyer, attorney Marlene Gonzalez can represent you in a wide range of immigration cases. Her practice covers:

  • DACA recipients
  • Asylum seekers
  • Family visa applicants
  • Individuals seeking a status adjustment

Are you seeking asylum in El Paso, Texas? Reach out to attorney Gonzalez today by calling 915-544-3388.